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We take commodity trading activities to a higher level. We link and connect buyers and sellers internationally for long-term relationships; we are including and not limited to Gold, Diamonds and Gems stones, JP 54,crude oil, virgin D6, D2, Mazut Oil, Copper and Silver.  We work with potential worldwide reputed networks. We continue to liaise with governments and private organizations to provide our best service to our valued customers to reach their common goals.  We offer a comprehensive selection of flexible funding options for your businesses or projects. From commercial loans to investment banking, we have consulting solutions you need to achieve goals.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. Unique International Trade Link INC. work closely with you to connect your business with companies and organizations that best meet and suite our needs. You can also send us your project proposals or business plans addressed to our e-mail so that we can promptly respond to you.

CEO : Bernadeth N Pandittesekera (Berny)


Bernadeth N Pandittesekera
Hours of Operation:
Monday–Saturday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m.


Service Area: Serving from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. 

MGK GOLD AND SILVER TRADING PTE.LTD. SINGAPORE : AU Dore bars and Bullion buyers / Fuel & Crude Oil sellers  


CEO : Mr. Ghazi Khan 

Contact : CMO : Bernadeth Pandittesekera / Partner: Victoria Choi 

Registered Address : 6 EU Tong Sen Street #11-19 The Central 

Singapore (05981) 


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